Photographer Captures Cosplayers Both In And Out Of Costume

In 2008, photographer Corey Hayes went to New York Comic-Con, and instantly became hooked on cosplay. Not on the outfits, per se, but on the people inside them. He went on to launch a photography project called AlterEgo, where he takes photos of cosplayers before and after they’ve got their costumes on. » 7/05/15 7:06pm Yesterday 7:06pm

5000 Men Dressed Up, Recreated The Battle Of Waterloo

On June 18, 1815, one of the most important battles of the modern era took place outside the sleepy Belgian village of Waterloo. Over the weekend, for the battle’s 200th anniversary, 5000 members of various military reenactment groups from all over the world converged on the original battlefield to pay tribute. » 6/23/15 6:47pm 6/23/15 6:47pm