It may not be the biggest PAX show on Earth for video games, but PAX South is one hell of a cosplay convention.

As you can see in these shots from the show, which were all taken by Mineralblu (you can see his full gallery here).

By Atelier Heidi.

By Shinka Studios & Atelier Heidi.

By Shinka Studios.

By Su&Dom Cosplay, Zero Xpertise and Dedlocke Fyre.

By Viverra Cosplay.

By AllyCat Cosplay.

By Twinzik Cosplay.

By Twinzik Cosplay and Cute Monster Cosplay.

By Zach Cosplays.

By Monika Lee.

By Puns and Needles Cosplay.

Joshua Yip, Carol Fairbanks, Kaarowl,Zach Wood,Puns and Needles Cosplay, and Caroline L. Clutterbuck

By KimonoKitty Cosplay.