Cosplayers being around video games, that’s pretty normal. But cosplayers in a game?

Z. Year One is a “roguelike card game” that’s looking to come to PC, mobile and as an actual card game. I haven’t played it, so I have no idea how good it is, but what they’ve done for their card art is pretty cool, and something I thought worth highlighting here.

Instead of using artists to paint some zombie images, or rendering 3D models, they’ve hired a bunch of cosplayers—to play both survivors and zombies—so they could use actual photographs instead. Below are some of the photos that are appearing in the game; per the game’s creators “The images are the result of a collaboration between Downward Viral and hundreds of models, makeup artists, photographers, and more over the span of three years.”

Awkward Mayhem


Amie Lynn

Eve Beauregard


Ranko Nara

Ladee Danger


Grant Imahara (from Mythbusters)

Pamela Horton


Scott Robb

Chloe Dykstra


Keith Zen

Now, as you might have picked up from Grant Imahara’s presence, not everyone involved is a cosplayer. There are a few actors in the cards as well. One of them is Bill Bryan, who—get this—was the guy inside the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man suit in the original Ghostbusters.