"Life-Size" WarCraft Cosplay Could Crush Actual Humans

Steven K Smith is one of the best props builders around. This enormous, full-scale WarCraft suit is just one of the reasons why.

You don’t see this very often! Normally when someone cosplays as a WarCraft Orc, they paint their skin green, maybe wear a mask and be done with it. Smith, though, wanted to go all in, and so has built this giant suit—like Blizzard Power Armour—to match the scale of the Orcs in WoW’s canon.


Look at the size of these boots!

Look at the size of these puny human knees!


Look at this, pretty much finished and very impressive/intimidating!


If you want to see how the whole thing was made, he put together an excellent build log showing each of the main steps.

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