Senior Tech Writer, Lifehacker

New York

Lifehacker, Gizmodo Media Group’s lifestyle site, is looking for a Senior Tech Writer.


About the Company:

Gizmodo Media Group is the publisher of the web’s most original and fearless media brands, including Gizmodo, Earther, Kotaku, Lifehacker, Jezebel, Deadspin, Splinter, Jalopnik, TrackRecord and The Root.  As part of Fusion Media Group, we reach an audience of +120 million visitors a month—more than one-third of all Americans.

About the Role:

You're a seasoned consumer tech writer and nerd with a deep curiosity about the tips, tricks, shortcuts and, yes, hacks that can make people's lives better, easier and more productive. You're an authority on everything from the best notes app for iPhone to the most reliable VPN service providers—and in the case that you're not, you're excited to dive in and find out. You can explain in a clear way that's entertaining and engaging complicated stuff that might, in lesser hands, come off as confusing. You have strong opinions on all things tech; a witty conversational writing voice; and an unstinting editorial eye. You're a tech geek who loves teaching others how to do stuff. You may or may not have a Linux box at home, but either way, you're no stranger to a command line.


You'll be working in a fast-paced editorial environment, writing your own stories and helping grow and edit Lifehacker's tech team. You should be totally comfortable with all facets of digital publishing, be super-detail oriented, and full of ideas for what smart service journalism should accomplish and can be.


You should have:

  • 4+ years experience writing about tech for a fast-paced digital publication
  • A clear, authoritative writing voice and strong organizational skills.
  • A strong interest in news and cultural events and the ability to respond to them nimbly with related tech story ideas.
  • A strong track record writing about consumer tech
  • Interest in video, including ideation and scripting.

GMG and its parent, Univision, are deeply committed to fostering a transparently inclusive workplace environment and people of color, women, people with disabilities and LGBTQ candidates are very strongly encouraged to apply. Our company-wide mission is to reach very diverse audiences and so, we are deeply committed to having teams and leaders that reflect this mission.

This position is based in New York City.

This position is in the WGA-E bargaining unit.

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