A traditional definition of cosplay, if such a thing even existed, would probably include some requirement to wear a costume. But you can sometimes achieve the same end result with nothing but make-up.

MadeYewLook is a pro when it comes to make-up, so much so that she can transform herself into characters like Alice, the Predator and even Rayman with just the work of a brush, some lighting and, in some cases, OK, something like a hat.


She offers tutorials on her Facebook page, as well as guides on which products she uses for each "costume", so if you want to give it a shot yourself you can give it a try.

You can see more pics of MadeYewLook's make-up at her Facebook page, while there are tons of vids at her YouTube page (though be warned, seeing these things moving is sometimes as terrifying as it is impressive).

[thanks Fashionably Geek!]


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