Cosplay photography is often at its best when it gets a little adventurous, daring to head outside the studio or convention floor and get as wild as the characters that are being cosplayed.

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That’s exactly what photographers Anna Fischer and Dave Yang decided to do when they recently took a road trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

From L-R: Fischer, Yang & Danielle Lafleur.

Teaming up with cosplayers Danielle Lafleur, Destiny Nickelsen and Its Raining Neon, they took some awesome shots of some excellent cosplay. And froze their asses off at the same time.


As you’ll see, the conditions didn’t look ideal for going outside in weird clothing and getting wet, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Cosplay (photography) isn’t going to pay our rent, or get us a gallery show, or into an artist in residency program,”, Fischer says. “No one has a gun to our heads, metaphorical or otherwise. Everyone one of us is here because we want to be. The desire to make something running through us as pure and as sharp as the snow melt slowly seeping through my sneakers.”