Cosplayers Asked On National TV If They've Had Sex In Their Costumes

Well, this is kinda weird. Jimmy Kimmel's team went to Comic-Con last week, and asked a bunch of cosplayers if they'd ever had sex in their costumes. A funny enough question, I guess, but Kimmel's tone and the "game show" element seems a bit off.


Like, this could have been a cool feature on cosplay, even with the comedic element. Instead it seems like it's just an excuse to make fun of everyone unlucky enough to end up on camera. Which, I know, is often the point of the show's pedestrian sections, but that's normally capitalizing on stupid people's stupidity, not a bunch of people just doing what they love.

Note: Robin excepted. He handled it like a champ.

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I would totally do it with someone in a Boba Fett costume.