Fallout Cosplay Is Chilling Until Fallout 4

Illustration for article titled iFallout /iCosplay Is Chilling Until iFallout 4/i

New Vegas’ Beatrix Russell and an Enclave goon have one week left until Fallout 4. They will be spending it like a lot of other folks: waiting at the bar.


Beatrix is elenasamko, Enclave soldier is Ilya Solopov, photo by fillakteriart.

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Sadly I couldn’t get into New Vegas, I had tried to jump in after playing FO 3 (and extras) and think I was just burnt out. The same w/ Kotor 2 which combined to give me a negative view of Obsidian as devs that only where substandard compared to the originators of those series. But then I played South Park:SoT and loved it, and Pillars of Eternity and loved it even more, so I think I will get Obs. games that they are the prime creators of.

The cosplay looks fantastic though I would like to see how much of the ghoul work was done in post and what if any makeup work was done for the photo