From Regular Dude To Geralt Of Rivia

As we’ve established repeatedly over 2016, Maul is the King of Witcher cosplay. We normally only see him as Geralt, though; here’s a look at how he becomes Geralt.


The shot tracks the beginning to the end of a session with make-up artist Maja Felicitas, who doesn’t just add blood and hair colour, but as you can see from the transition to the third and fourth pic basically cel-shades his face (pay attention to the nose!) as well to give it a more illustrative appearance.

Just so you know that the effects weren’t limited to his head, here’s Maul showing off a lot more of Maja’s work on his torso. And, yeah, his own work as well; with an entire Witcher calendar planned for 2017, Maul decided to get in shape so he could rock Geralt’s shirtless look as well as his outfits.

Cosplay by Maul | Photo by eosAndy
Cosplay by Maul | Photo by eosAndy

Please note that the calendar contains a warning about “slightly hot and erotic photography”, and an advisory that “If you want to buy this calendar, you should be able to stand nipples”.

I can’t think of a more fitting way to advertise a Witcher calendar.

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