Natasha Firsakova, aka Narga, is a cosplayer from Russia. She’s one of the best.

Narga actually does a lot of cosplay with her boyfriend Aoki, and they go by the name Lifestream when they’re working together.


I’ve posted some of Narga’s best shots and costume builds below (some of which you may have seen over the years on Reddit or Facebook and wondered “who is that?”), but head to her Facebook and DA pages for more.

Photo by Anstellos.

Photo by Arwenphoto.

Photo by Justmoolti.

Photo by Grigoriy Volodkin.

Photo by Arwenphoto.

Photo by Arwenphoto.

Photo by TaisiaFlyagina.

Photo by Ladybird-desu.

Photo by cxalena.