BlizzCon had some incredible cosplay on display this year, but one of the most impressive outfits was Bindi Smalls’ Nova, which was almost entirely 3D-printed. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of work goes into designing and building a suit like this, well, Bindi has you covered.

In this worklog, Bindi outlines how she lifted models from Nova’s character in Heroes of the Storm, modified them to fit her body scale and shape (she’s got a 3D scan of her body just for this) and put it all together:

I started out this build by pulling all the model assets out of Heroes of the Storm. I usually make all of my models from scratch, but when the game files are there, I like to use them to save time. But, as you can see, they’re well... not exactly detailed. So in this case, I have to convert all triangle polygons to quads, and then add in alllllllllll the details that the texture has, but I add them directly to the model. This. Took. Weeks.

In short: to get a suit that looks that good, it takes a lot of work, from working with the models on computer to getting it all made up to adding primers and paint and effects.

You can read the full thing here, and see more of Bindi’s cosplay here.

And here’s a shot of the finished outfit, complete with lighting effects and a big-ass gun.