How Some Of The Best Cosplay On Earth Is Made

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While the traditional idea of building cosplay invokes the image of one or two people toiling away on an outfit, Henchmen Studios work on an almost industrial scale, drawing on the talents of massive teams to produce work so good that they’re often hired by Blizzard to help debut Overwatch characters.


Take the company’s latest effort, Brigitte, for example. She took five weeks to build, and that’s with 15 people involved with designing and constructing her armour and props. Throw in the fact Henchmen actually made three other Overwatch outfits for PAX as well and you can see how much work is going on over there.

To help show just how much blood, sweat and tears goes into work like this, Henchmen have made this video detailing the build process for Brigitte, from sketching her out (based on in-game models) to putting each component and piece together.

And just in case you needed more appreciation for the whole thing, this video showing cosplayer Claire Hunniset’s big day out at PAX gives you a look behind the scenes at things like hair and makeup work, not to mention having her armour loaded on.

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While this is amazing, I have mixed feelings about calling this cosplay. It’s more professional prop making. The real question is: Why isn’t Henchmen Studios making props for Toronto’s film industry?