How To Cosplay When Your Guns Are Banned

There was a potentially serious event at the Phoenix Comicon over the weekend that saw prop weapons banned from the showroom floor. Which would wreck your cosplay plans if, like these guys, you couldn’t improvise.

Up top is Amorong and her husband thedocdor looking great as D.Va and Soldier 76 from Overwatch. That cardboard might not look like a gun, but it gets the point across.


They weren’t the only ones trying to find workarounds to the emergency policy, implemented after an attendee targeting Green Power Ranger Jason David Frank was arrested carrying firearms and knives. Here’s another sign:

Sadly, both signs (Overwatch & Spongebob) were confiscated by event staff because, being substitute props making light of the prop ban, they were themselves considered props.

UPDATE: Amorong and thedocdor were kind enough to send in some pics of what their actual weapons looked like, along with some more shots of their cardboard replacements.


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