Cosplay by Rainer | Photo by Penry Hoh

Instead of just posting some images of Rainer—one of the best Final Fantasy cosplayers we’ve ever seen—dressed as FFXIII’s Lightning, let’s instead take a look behind the scenes at just how much fire, lighting, rain and smoke can go into a quality cosplay shoot.

It’s courtesy of Mezame, a photographer from Singapore who went all out here, using a smoke machine, a custom rainmaker and even a machine that shot fire to help set the scene, all of which you can see in the video below:

Or here, in this 360-degree capture showing the shoot:

The end result? Smoke and rain that’s the real deal, making this one hell of a cool cosplay photo:

Cosplay by Rainer | Photo by Mezame

You can see more images from the photoshoot (and read an in-depth report on how it all came together) on Mezame’s page.