Luke, He Is Your Father

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Rick Boer, once known around these parts as the King of Metal Gear cosplay, has since become a family man. Which hasn’t stopped his cosplay efforts; it just means he’s got someone else around to help out.


These images show Rick and his son Luke (his actual, very good name). This first one below was taken a few years back when Luke was only three days old:

When time came for Luke’s first birthday last year, a family ritual was born:

Which brings us to the fact Luke just turned two, which meant it was time for more family snaps:


These are cute as hell, I know, but also, look at the cosplay! Look at Rick’s Vader outfit, which is perfect! Look at Luke’s threads! These are insanely detailed for a kid’s costume, from the snow effects down to the tiny lightsaber, belt and helmet gear.

You can see more of Rick’s (and his wife’s, who is also one hell of a cosplayer) stuff at their company page.

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You better do you homework, Luke. I’ve killed kids your age for less you know."