Make Your Own Life-Sized Animal Crossing Tools, If You're Feeling Crafty

If you’ve got some time coming up, and materials/money to spare, one of the countless ways you could spend all that would be to build your own life-size replica Animal Crossing tools. Because those butterflies aren’t going to catch themselves.


The wonderful Bill and Britt from Punished Props have put this video together showing how to make both a shovel and a bug net, and if you genuinely want to give it a shot, they’ve got templates available to download in the video’s description.

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Delete this account! Delete it!

That shovel makes me mad. Like irrationally mad, like irate.

Dude, what? Just, what? What the fuck, bro? What’s happening, what’s going on here? What are you even doing?

Christ, you can borrow my spade. Just stop it. Please. Arg!