Negan Cosplay Is Going To Kill Your Favorite Halloween Character

Cosplay by Rene Koiter & Jaime Scheffler | Photo by Kenneth Pfeifer

Blizzard artist Rene Koiter is also one heck of a cosplayer, which he showed once again this year by taking out (along with co-worker Jaime Scheffler) the company’s internal Halloween contest dressed as Negan from The Walking Dead.

A reminder this is not the first time he has won Blizzard’s contest.

Jaime is the zombie. Photos by Kenneth Pfeifer, make-up work by Tripped Wire.

Cosplay by Rene Koiter | Photo by Kenneth Pfeifer

Bonus: Here’s some video of Rene’s cosplay in action, where the cast of The Walking Dead is replaced by...Blizzard merch:

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