Cosplay GalleryCosplay GalleryA showcase of some of the best photos and video from cosplay events around the world. Credits provided where possible, but if we've missed something let us know and we can add!

Fandemic—a con that tours the country, and which has already visited Sacramento this year—was in Houston earlier this month, as was some fantastic cosplay from attendees.

All photos below were taken by Mineralblu.

Cosplay by mcf0xy
Cosplay by thecosplaydog
Cosplay by thecosplaydog
Cosplay by thecosplaydog
Cosplay by
Cosplay by marianalowery
Cosplay by shamelessgeek
Cosplay by Smash and Nasty
Cosplay by chchcherrybomb
Cosplay by bermudez_maira
Cosplay by ceci.cici91
Cosplay by esther1123_ & @vishi.sant
Cosplay by coranleigh87
Cosplay by thecosplaydog
Cosplay by cupcakemellt
Cosplay by zacharymatthews
Cosplay by Natasha Kuegler
Cosplay by neatcollectibles
Cosplay by daholguin3

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