<i>Overwatch </i>Characters Scrub Up Real Good

Overwatch Characters Scrub Up Real Good

Remember how earlier this year a group of cosplayers did a thing called Underwatch, where they all—men and women alike—dressed like Overwatch characters in underwear? Many of the same cosplayers tried something similar for Anime Expo, only this time they went in the opposite direction.

This is Formalwatch, a massive group cosplay project that took a whole bunch of Overwatch characters and dressed them up for a night at the ballroom.

It was inspired by the work of Ein Lee, an artist who last year sketched out what it’d look like if Overwatch’s cast put down the spandex and body armour for one day and instead got together for a very fancy dinner.

Twenty cosplayers took part, each basing their outfits on Lee’s designs, and they all got together with some photographers at Anime Expo earlier this month for the shoot, which you can video and images of below.

The photographers are Mineralblu, Elysiam Entertainment and Dave Yang.

 Photo by Dave Yang
Photo by Dave Yang
Illustration for article titled iOverwatch /iCharacters Scrub Up Real Good
Illustration for article titled iOverwatch /iCharacters Scrub Up Real Good
Illustration for article titled iOverwatch /iCharacters Scrub Up Real Good

The cosplayers taking part were:

Torbjorn: Julia Mousey

Mercy: Reagan Kathryn 

Pharah: Meevers Desu Cosplay

Junkrat: Kurustein

Mei: Momokun Cosplay

Symmetra: Hane Cosplay 羽

Widowmaker: Jinglebooboo

D.Va: Stella Chuu

Soldier 76: Koreanbarbq

Reaper: 775cosplay 

Lucio: Kadu=Out

Reinhardt: Hoku Props

Tracer: Bindi Smalls

Orisia: Akakioga 

Zenyatta: Mightysox

Sombra: Lexirobot

Winston: Beau Burns

McCree: 89Styles

Genji: Riku Fantasy Cosplay 

Hanzo: Rae Kay Cosplay

Luke Plunkett is a Senior Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs cosplay.kotaku.com.

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Luke Plunkett

It’s weirdly uncomfortable seeing McCree without a hat.