See How Much Work It Takes To Turn Into Warcraft's Deathwing

According to Warcraft canon, Deathwing the Destroyer is a giant dude dragon who is thousands of years old and and can scorch planets. Warcraft cosplay can be a bit more flexible in its interpretation of the character.

This is Jessica Nigri’s take (based on a sketch by Zach Fischer) on the star of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, which we featured in our round-up from BlizzCon but which now has a nice guide showing how it was all put together.

This is a very cool video; at over 13 minutes long, and full of timelapse sequences, it gives us a real good look at the work (and physical damage) required to craft and paint such a complex suit.


Seems worth it though; the costume was one of the most impressive at BlizzCon.

Photo by Dave Yang.


Photo by Saffels.

For reference, here’s the original sketch by Fischer:

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