Skyrim Cosplayer Joins Christians For His Own Religious Protest

Every year at Dragon Con, there are some Christian protesters hanging around angry that everyone is loving nerd shit instead of Jesus. And almost every year, Heimskr from Skyrim is there to join them in their preaching.


Cosplayer Jacob Kevinsson has been dressing as the Skyrim preacher and attending Dragon Con since 2014, and most times he does, he finds the protests, slides in and expresses his own views on who is damned, who is forsaken and who is not welcome in God’s Talos’ Kingdom.

Here he is joining the protests that popped up along the route of Dragon Con’s famous parade over the weekend:

Photo: cwbonds
Photo: cwbonds

What the photo can’t show, though, is that he doesn’t just show up and walk around. He knows the speeches and becomes Heimskr, as you can see in this video from his 2015 appearance:

Very good.

We’ll have more features and galleries from Dragon Con to come over the next couple of weeks.

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The thing I never understood about religious protests (of any religion) is when they quote their book as a way to convince you. I get that they have value in it and what it says means something to them, but why do they think it does to other people who are possibly not part of their religion at all or don’t care about those lines or interpret them the same way? I can’t think of any situation in which shouting out quotes from a book alone would convince me that what the book says is true. Makes zero sense to me.