Cosplay GalleryCosplay GalleryA showcase of some of the best photos and video from cosplay events around the world. Credits provided where possible, but if we've missed something let us know and we can add!

Comic-Con, the biggest nerd show on Earth, wrapped up earlier this month, and aside from over-priced toys and exhausting panel talks there was also a ton of cosplay present.

Mineralblu was there braving the crowds for us to bring you this showcase of some of the best of it, featuring everything from very good cosplay dogs to some Spidey romance to a Very Incredible Hulk.

First up, here’s a video:

And below is a gallery, with links to each cosplay featured in the respective caption:

Cosplay by thefoundryworx
Cosplay by therealweaponx
Cosplay by kawaiimayhem
Cosplay by Gilbert Arzola
Cosplay by drscifi & darthhater23
Cosplay by magnetomystique
Cosplay by thecosplaydog
Cosplay by jennalynnmeowri
Cosplay by escoblades
Cosplay by shultzack
Cosplay by momod714 & aliciamariebody
Cosplay by mandisoawesome
Cosplay by susanmd3
Cosplay by batbrenna
Cosplay by emilyrexz
Cosplay by chibianika
Cosplay by mootyvision
Cosplay by chihirochieko

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