A-Kon is the longest-running anime convention in North America, and this year over 30,000 fans came through the doors between June 7-10 at the Fort Worth Convention Centre.

There was loads of cosplay on display over the weekend, and Mineralblu was there taking these shots and video of the event for us.

Here’s a 13-minute clip roaming the con floor:

And below you’ll find a selection of images showcasing some of the best cosplay at A-Kon 2018:

Cosplay by thelilmoose
Cosplay by kittyjberry
Cosplay by Kay Bear
Cosplay by Jennybelly
Cosplay by 1fuzzyrocket
Cosplay by Firaga Fox
Cosplay by Dat Cosplay
Cosplay by chrislegg47, heysweetie11 & beardedcosplay
Cosplay by punxrat
Cosplay by lucylag00sey & maddi3ibarra
Cosplay by Jelfish
Cosplay by kevbotcosplay
Cosplay by tamchancosplay
Cosplay by Sourcery Cosplay
Cosplay by lift_haichew23
Cosplay by Atelier Heidi
Cosplay by ufochii

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