Cosplay GalleryCosplay GalleryA showcase of some of the best photos and video from cosplay events around the world. Credits provided where possible, but if we've missed something let us know and we can add!

Over 10,000 fans packed in over the weekend to the Sheraton Dallas Hotel for AnimeFest, a convention run by a non-profit group who have been educating the masses about anime since the early 90s.

Where there are cons there is of course cosplay, and below is a selection of the best of it, with all photos and video provided by Mineralblu.

Cosplay by mishkali
Cosplay by hayatedoll, kumabuns, eggsbentovereasy & kiribakus
Cosplay by, sapphyhedge & comic.cosplay
Cosplay by skelhobbies
Cosplay by ibluecosplay
Cosplay by snake_n_da_box
Cosplay by omgcosplay
Cosplay by salemdipidi
Cosplay by beneliborink
Cosplay by mijikas & sokkasm
Cosplay by pinkprty & matchaomi
Cosplay by justinh333
Cosplay by aoipanda89
Cosplay by angryjuicebox
Cosplay by masamunewg
Cosplay by spookymoogs
Cosplay by keyx_valentine, ktpetunia & freeingthemermaid
Cosplay by __vulpix_

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