Cosplayers from all across Australia converged on the Gold Coast last weekend for Gold Coast Supanova, giving us whole lot of great new costumes and fantastic cosplay photography.

While the Gold Coast doesn’t have much in the way of big cosplay competitions, it does have a reputation as a great social event, so some of Australia’s best cosplayers and photographers tend to head up to take part. Here are some of our favourites photos from the convention.

There are credits listed where known, but if you know/recognise anyone and they’re not listed let me know and I can add!

This story originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.

Image: Magic Missile Studios. Cosplayer: Dashy
Image: Zeldario
Image: Zeldario. Cosplayers: Malaki Aiono and Danijela Chalmers
Image: Zeldario. Cosplayer: Pseudonym Cosplay
Image: Photogruzzi. Cosplayer: Grace Chen
Image: Photogruzzi. Cosplayer: N.E.S Cosplay
Image: Zeldario

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