We’ve already posted a few highlights from Katsucon 2016, but photographers Jason Laboy, Mineralblu and Beat Down Boogie were there the whole time. So here’s a real good look at some of the best cosplayers in attendance at one of America’s biggest cosplay cons.

Click here to view this kinja-labs.com embed.

First, Beat Down Boogie’s video! Note that in the middle there’s another good look at that awesome Valkyrie Eevee group we featured earlier.

Now for the photos. I’ll add cosplayer credits as we go along, since cons being cons it’s tough for photographers to keep track of everyone, so if you recognise (or are) any of the cosplayers pictures below, let me know and I can add your credit!

First up are Mineralblu’s photos.


Final Fantasy X: Gynx Cosplay, Aurum Cosplay, Cinnabunny & Kimodori Cosplay |

This is just a selection; you can see Mineralblu’s full gallery here.

And here are Jason Laboy’s shots.


Hawkgirl: Ms. Rae | Midna: Skells | Aku: The End of Something Beautiful, Samurai Jack: Lady Koopaa | Samurai Kylo Ren: Nathan DeLuca | Samus: Mint Cosplay | Reaper: Bloodraven | Jinx: Vzcosplay | Alice in Wonderland: Heather Nickelsen | Deadpool: Nox D Martinez | Sailors Moon: darkillusion518 & Maki Roll | Batman: Al Vasquez | Tyrion Lannister: Mini Mal


These shots below are some highlights, but you can check out Jason’s full collection from Katsucon 2016 here.