Cosplay GalleryA showcase of some of the best photos and video from cosplay events around the world. Credits provided where possible, but if we've missed something [let us know and we can add](!  

RTX, Rooster Teeth’s big annual convention, was held in Austin earlier this month, and amidst the panels and live shows was some very good cosplay.

Here’s a selection of the best of it, thanks to Mineralblu, who was there taking pictures (and video) for us.

Blizzard, please make “Baby Bjorn Dad 76" an official skin, thank you.

Cosplay by @Primeval_raptor
Cosplay by 2319_cosplay


Cosplay by ethanhodesigns
Cosplay by redsparx555
Cosplay by horselover502
Cosplay by Michael Peterson
Cosplay by junoassospita
Cosplay by @RiotRogers


Cosplay by pirate4hire9po8
Cosplay by reidf
Cosplay by alexa_rynay
Cosplay by panda_cubee


Cosplay by @Noelle_AK