The Great Cosplay Road Trip

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Four of the world's best cosplay photographers, and a bunch of the world's best cosplayers, are teaming up to take the art - normally enjoyed at cons or specific shoots - on a great American road trip.


Similar to Anna Fischer's Wild Places, which photographs cosplayers in unique and remote spots (with amazing results), this campaign - called The Journey Beyond - wants to take cosplay all over California "to discover new shoot locations where we will create cosplay magic through exclusive video content and blog updates of our adventure".


Some of those involved - pretty much all of them have been featured here on Kotaku - include photographers Beethy, Darshelle Stevens, Eric Ng and Darrell Ardita, and cosplayers like Chubear, Henchman Props, Lyz Brickley and Jessica Nigri.

You can back the campaign here.

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Okay... I have to ask, where are the male cosplayers? Why is the vast majority of cosplayers in this project composed of females? And dressed in very skimpy outfits no less...

They showed one dude dressed as Bane and that is it, there isn't more? Why? And if there is, why didn't they show them in this promotional video?

I am just very curious to what is the reason behind this tremendously unbalanced cast...