Warhammer 40K Cosplay Is Ready To Die For The Emperor

Photography: Carlos A. Smith
Photography: Carlos A. Smith

Decked out in armour and weapons made by Wulfgar Weapons & Props, this group of fans hit Gencon last week with some of the best 40K cosplay I have ever seen.


The armour. The weapons. The fur. It’s all perfect.

The crew won “best in show” at Gencon’s cosplay competition. There were seven of them, all in full Space Wolves costumes, and they’re members of CosAwesome Studios.

Those seven are Chanzlyn, John Quade, Seth Knight,James T Wulfgar, Tony Jackson, Mathew Turvish and Sahara Cole.

Photo: Josh Winn
Photo: Josh Winn

And here they are in motion:

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i’m honestly surprised no one is shitting their pants in fan rage over women space marines.