And you thought the Titans were the only birthday suit cosplay Attack on Titan offered? Silly you!

Note: This article contains content that some readers might find objectionable.

As pointed out by Japanese cosplay site Asagawo Blog, Borivoje Naumovski from Belgrade has done a rather interesting take on Attack on Titan's Erwin Smith.

This is Borivoje as Erwin.

This is Erwin.

Naumovski says erotic fan art inspired him to do this cosplay, which has been getting a good reaction online. If only his family members felt the same way.



"So, my aunt called my mother hysterically screaming about my 'detestable' photos, and demanded my mother urge me to remove every single nude shot of me from the internet (exact sentence)," Naumovski wrote on his Tumblr. "I blocked them both on Facebook, but that's not the most bizarre part. I'm 32. It never ends."

【セルビア】世界に衝撃を与えた「進撃の巨人」エルヴィン・スミス団長ヌードコスが過激で美麗すぎる!! [Asagawo Blog]

Photos: Ultimate-me

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